About us

About us

Smoka Vape is 100% a New Zealand owned and operated vape company that offers a large range of high-quality and reliable vaping products including E-cigarettes, E-liquids, heat not burn devices, and other related accessories. We provide a great range of robust vaping products to vapers looking for an alternative to smoking. We love our role in the vaping industry, and we are happy to see that our products are on the market to help smokers kick the bad habit and make the switch.

Every product we sell is premium built and reliable for our users. We test our products rigorously as well as work with the industry leaders and manufacturers in vaping equipment technology to ensure that the products that bear our name are of the highest quality and can safely help Kiwis make the switch giving them the best chance of becoming and staying smoke-free.

If you want serious vape gear from reputable brands that not only lasts but also looks good then Smoka Vape is what you’re looking for.

Huge selection of flavours

We have a large range of flavours available from tobacco to fruits to desserts. So no matter what you are craving for, we’ve got it all!

Premium Quality E-liquids

Each bottle of E-liquid from Smoka Vape is manufactured in the US and complies with health standards.

Unicorn E-liquid bottles

All of our E-liquids are bottled in a unicorn bottle offering an easy-to-fill nozzle to avoid any unwanted mess.

Nicotine range

Each of our E-liquids is available in different nicotine strengths – allowing customers to choose their nicotine strength and slowly reducing it in the future.

Smoka Vape products are exclusively available at Shosha - A specialist vape retailer with over 110 stores nationwide.