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Pressie Dual Coil Tank

The bottom dual coil system produces more vapour and delivers E-juice more easily to the heating part than a regular Atomizer.

NZD $10.00

Pressie duel Coil tank  $10


Pressie Dual Tank Coils

The SMOKA Vape Pressie made with the newest bottom dual coil system to produce more vapor and forward E-juice more easily to the heating part than regular Atomizer. The Smoka Pressie comes with eGo threading, it can work with most batteries/mod with eGo threading.



SOLID construction


EASY to fill / maintain


4 bottom wicks feeding the atomizer coils


Full 1.6ml capacity – a perfect match for any eGo battery


Dual-coil 2.1ohm resistance


Clean vapor – no polyfill like traditional Atomizers


Rinse / re-atty / re-use – extend how far your vaping dollar goes!


SLEEK look on any eGo battery!

What kind of hit will I get from an e-cigarette?

This depends on the device and the E-juice. Generally, using a higher nicotine E-liquid in your E-cig will give you a stronger throat hit.

Most e-cigs also allow the user to adjust the airflow to further tailor the experience to their personal preferences

How does an e-cig compare to smoking a normal cigarette?

A smoker can still get their nicotine fix with vaping without all of the chemicals found in tobacco. 0mg Nicotine flavours are available for non-cigarette smokers to be able to enjoy the flavours and experience of vaping without fear of addiction.

What are the health risks of an e-cigarette?

There is nothing that can be inhaled aside from clean, fresh air that can be considered good for you. The harmful chemicals in tobacco and related illnesses have made smokers switch to vaping in droves and become ex-smokers. We ourselves, make no health claims.

The Different Types Of Tanks For Vapers.

With several different types of tanks to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start your vaping journey.  Find out which tank would suit your vaping style.

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Smoka Pressie dual coil tank