Cap Vaporizer

Cap Vaporizer

At Flowermate it’s our mission to develop a healthy and affordable alternative to combustion. Introducing a dry herb aromatherapy device 5 years in the making. The CAP features three preset temperatures and our newly developed glazed stainless steel conduction heating technology. This new technology is designed to heat up in less than 20 seconds and is our smallest device in our product family.


Glazed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber

At the heart of CAP is a revolutionary and patented “Glazed Stainless Steel Conduction” heating technology that combines high efficiency with environmentally friendly. It creates a new heating process to heat up herbs perfectly and evenly every time in less than 20 seconds.

Preset temperatures

Blue Led

Low Temp

30 F / 196 C

Green Led

Medium Temp

400 F / 205 C

Red Led

High Temp

420 F / 215 C


3 Leds

100% Full Battery

2 Leds

60% Full Battery

1 Leds

60% Full Battery

CAP is a lightweight and durable wonder.

Its unique design couples high portability with practicability to make for an extremely discreet device.

20 second Auto Heat-up

CAP has one of the fastest portable heat-up times – clocking in at under 20 seconds. We can get the solid flavor and impressive vapor quality with extremely satisfying easily from the first draw.

Three adjustable temperatures ranging from 385℉ to 420℉ produce rich consistent convection quality vapors dialed in to


Preset Temperatures 385°F/400°F/420°F (196℃/205℃/215℃)

Sessions Per Charge EEC(L1E-B)

Session Length 1850*660*1120(mm)

Dimensions 72V1500W hub Motor

Net Weight Digital

Battery Capacity spring rocker arm front shock absorber

Charging Time Hydrulic disc brake

Output voltage 82Kg

One of the most travel friendly vapes

Let’s take it on a wonderful trip now!

What’s Included:


Pack Tool

Cleaning Brush

Stainless Steel Chamber Screen

USB Cable

Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Screen