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Which One Is The Best One?

With the popularity of vaping devices nz residents now have a safer alternative to get their nicotine fix..

For those just starting out with vaping, it can quickly get confusing if you’re bombarded with a lot of jargon. And you will get all sorts of information from vapers that may or may not turn you off of the activity.

There are some basic information that you will have to learn though. Understanding a little about Ohm’s Law, basic maintenance of your vaping device and the difference between DTL and MTL vaping are the most important for now.

MTL (Mouth To Lung)

Mouth To Lung Vaping is the more common type of vaping method among the two basic ways to inhale or vape. This is because most kits produced are targeted at people who are just starting out on vaping or shifting from regular tobacco to e-cigarettes.

The Mouth To Lung method emulates how most people smoke tobacco products which is a two step process where one inhales a mouthful of smoke, letting it linger before it passes on through to the lungs. This process takes a couple of seconds depending on how long one keeps the smoke within their mouth and lungs before fully exhaling.

When it comes to vaping, this produces less vapour exhaled in the end. This is a perfect simulation of how one would smoke a cigarette.

For MTL, you’re going to need these:

  • Tanks with high ohm coils, at 1.2-ohms or higher
  • Medium to low battery strength, ideally between 15-18w
  • Narrow drip tip
  • Tight airflow
  • High PG e-liquid, generally above 70% PG (can be up to 100%)
  • Any nicotine strength


  • Familiar to Smokers – One of the main reasons why people turn to vaping is to combat an addiction to cigarettes. Providing a safer alternative to smoking, vaping emulates how one would normally take a drag on a cigarette. This fulfills the physical need to trick the brain into believing it is doing something it is accustomed to. In this case, smoking an actual cigarette.
  • More Economical In The Long Run – Mouth To Lung Inhalation produces less vapour because of the mechanism of action involved and the device used. Higher concentrations of Nicotine in the E-Juice used also helps provide the “hit” MTL vapers are looking for when they use their devices. Devices used for Mouth To Lung set-ups aren’t as sophisticated as DTL set-ups. This lessens the time you activate your vape saving your battery and e-juice.
  • More Flavor – Your vapour stays in your mouth allowing you to savour its taste before it passes through to your lungs and then exhaled.



  • Weak throat hit – MTL is a two way process where the vapour enters your mouth before passing on through to the lungs. Because of this, there is a lesser volume of vapour and for some, lesser flavour. You can raise the PG level of your e-juice to compensate. This will give you the needed throat hit most tobacco users are accustomed to with cigarettes.







DTL (Direct To Lung)

The Direct To Lung Method rose out of how the vaping community quickly turned the casual blowing of smoke (reminiscent of how one smokes a cigarette) to full on fog machine mode. As the lifestyle turned towards the more competitive or recreational aspect of vaping, the need to produce bigger, thicker and heavier clouds became more prominent.

The basic Mouth To Lung, In comparison with Direct To Lung just couldn’t compare in terms of volume of vapour produced. With DTL, you essentially suck the vapor straight into your lungs without letting it linger in your mouth. This allows you to hold a larger volume of vapour which when expelled into the air is thick enough to blanket a good sized room.

Now it’s not just about blowing smoke or chasing clouds. Vapers attest that this form of transmission from your gadget to your lungs provide a more satisfying experience. This could be attributed to the greater VG concentration over PG in the E-Liquid.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Mouth To Lung and Direct To Lung is, It’s time to delve into the Pros and Cons to picking one style over the other.

For DTL, here’s what you’ll need

  • Sub-ohm tank (i.e. a tank that has coils with resistance under one ohm)
  • Powerful battery
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Loose airflow
  • High VG e-liquid
  • Low nicotine strength, ideally around 3-6mg/ml


  • Bigger Clouds Make You Cool – Want big clouds? Then Direct To Lung Vaping is the way to go. More and more vapers turn to vaping as a recreational event. Some vapers haven’t even touched a cigarette before getting turned on to vaping. These are usually the people who end up becoming cloud chasers.Vaping nowadays is designed to remove the stigma that it is an alternative to a bad habit. Instead, it has become something hip, something cool which raises its appeal to the younger generation.New devices are even coming out designed to cater to this specific crowd of cloud chasers.




  • Expensive – Expensive is a relative term here as there are MTL devices that cost just as much as DTL vapes. But, Cloud chasers are more prone to spending a lot just so they can produce huge plumes of vapour when they exhale.
  • Dry Hits Are Common – Because DTL vapes are designed to consume e-juice at greater quantities, ending up with a dry hit is more likely to happen. To ensure this doesn’t happen, drip regularly or better yet, get a tank.
  • Flavour? What Flavour? – This is Direct To Lung, that means the vapour won’t stay long enough in your mouth for your tastebuds to process them. You’ll also be using lower PG juices. So, if you’re looking for flavour, DTL might not be for you.


In the end, the method of inhalation you choose is entirely up to you. This is a matter preference and you may shift between the two from time to time without noticing it. What matters most is that you enjoy the experience with each method of inhalation you choose.