Product Name

Product Name

Dial in the Perfect Temperature

The Ambit offers the optimum temperature range starting from 100°C and ending at 230°C (212°F – 446°F). The convection heater only needs 30 seconds to quickly heat your material.


Health and Safety

Its unique design couples high portability with practicability to make for an extremely discreet device.

10 Sessions Per Charge

The VIVANT Ambit can go through 10 sessions per charge.


Simple magnetic connections allow for quick and easy attachment of the mouthpiece and accessories. The flip out mouthpiece creates a stealthy low-profile design that has ease of use in mind.


Size 68.3mm x 27.9mm x 54.8mm

Battery Capacity 1500 mAh

Temperature Range 100°C - 230°C (212°F - 446°F)

What’s Included:


1* Cleaning Brush

1* USB Cable

1* Packing Tool