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Smoka Hookah 44cm 1xhose

Smoka Hookah 44cm 1xhose

Smoka Hookah 44cm 1xhose

Introducing the Smoka Hookah. The most elite smoking hookah to enter the market engineered to perfection & designed to help achieve a smooth draw in combination with large clouds. This hookah is the right balance between modern and traditional, also very easy to use and Has smart features such as A unique way to connect the base to stem just twist it and its first of its kind.

What’s in the Kit

1x Bowl
1x Bowl Grommet
1x Base
1x Base Grommet
1x Astray
1x Stem
1x Tong

1x Hose


1x Hose Grommet

1x One Way Valve with Steel Bearing

How to set up a Hookah

Hookahs, or water pipes, are traditional Middle Eastern smoking devices that have become popular across the globe.Smoka hookah provides more traditional hookahs if you are looking for a little bit of help how to set up a hookah CLICK HERE.
Test before smoke
Our range of products is crafted to offer a rich, full of flavour smoking experience so it is important that you have an airtight shisha. There are a few simple steps to ensure a smooth smoke.

1. Gently push to insert the stem of your shisha with its seal into the empty glass jar.
2. Insert the end of the hose into the hose port. You might need to use a plastic seal to prevent air from leaking.
3. To check the air flow on your shisha. Put your hand over the top of your shisha stem and inhale through the hose. If there is little or no air intake your shisha is ready to enjoy!
How does Hookah work?
The traditional hookah is a type of water pipe that burns flavoured of sweetened tobacco in a small bowl. The smoke then travels through a water chamber and along a hose to a mouthpiece where it is inhaled.
We are always on the lookout for ways to improve your shisha smoking experience. Here are a few tips we picked up along the way:
  • Cleaning your shisha after every smoking session will avoid the build-up of residues that will eventually clog the system.
  • When perforating the foil on your shisha bowl, make small holes to avoid burning the molasses. Use a toothpick, a pen or a fork when you punch holes into the aluminium foil. The bigger the clay bowl, the more holes you should have.
  • Do not use too much coal and the smaller the pieces the better. Too much or too big will burn the molasses really quickly and give a burnt aftertaste when you are smoking.
  • Once you have packed your bowl, cover it with aluminium foil (without holes), flip the bowl upside down and let it sit for a few minutes. This will make sure the molasses at the top layer are wetter before you burn which will enhance the flavour.
  • If a rubber seal is too small or you notice air leaking somewhere, use a little tissue paper in between or use insulating tape to ensure your shisha remains airtight.
  • Some smokers like to use a shisha diffuser when smoking. This plastic body that is attached to the bottom of the shisha stem diffuses the suction by breaking down the big bubbles into many small ones. This improves the smoking experience by creating more smoke and enhancing the taste.
Why use Hookah?
There are a few reasons why people use Hookah, the primary one being it is a social event. The original Hookah users were the wealthy men of India in the 15th century who would gather in groups to talk. The social gatherings continue today as groups can be found relaxing by a Hookah pipe at trendy cafes and bars around the world. The taste experience. Tobacco is now available in many flavours. If your smoking flavour of choice is for desserts, exotic fruits or coffees, you can enjoy them (with or without your friends) with a Hookah.

LAWLESS Hookah Zinc 1xHose 45cm