Vaping law

Vaping Law

A notified product is a vaping product or smokeless tobacco product that complies with the safety requirements under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Vaping Amendment Act. From 11 February 2022, only notified vaping and smokeless tobacco products will be available for purchase from specialist vape retailers.

From 11th May 2021, manufacturers and retailers can no longer supply or sell any vaping liquids that contain a colouring substance. You can shop with confidence knowing that all Smoka vape e-liquids DO NOT contain any colouring substances.

Smoka Vape e-liquids DO NOT contain prohibited substances (proposed by MOH in appendix A: product safety requirements) such as sugars and sweeteners.

Notified vaping products will only be sold at specialist vape retailers. You can purchase our notified products (including flavoured e-liquids that are banned from general retailers from August 2021) from our authorized stockist, Shosha – the largest specialist vape retailer with over 95+ stores across New Zealand.